Joel and Michelle Levey, from Seattle,will share (in English) their wisdom on “The Future of Leadership: Creativity, Compassion, and Wisdom at Work”

Have you ever wondered:

  • What are the qualities of leadership that are most optimally suited to a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity?
  • How can we develop the wisdom, caring, creativity, intuition, and social intelligence necessary to look deeply into the nature of our lives and world and continually evolve and develop ourselves?
  • How can we best inspire andnurture the development of the people, communities and organizations that we share our lives with?
  • How can we encourage, develop, and tap the creative power of our collective wisdom and intelligence?

If these questions are resonant and of interest for you, please join us for this special evening of inquiry and exploration with two pioneers in the fields and movements that explore these questions as a way of bringing a deeper wisdom to our lives and work.

Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey are founders of Wisdom at Work and The International Center for Corporate Culture and Organizational Health at InnerWork Technologies, Inc., a Seattle-based firm dedicated to developing and renewing organizational cultures and communities in which extra-ordinary levels of inspired leadership, cooperation, synergy, collective intelligence, and change resilience can thrive.The Leveys also serve as clinical faculty of the University of Minnesota Medical School.

The Leveys’ pioneering work spans many disciplines and decades.  They are respected for being among the very first professionals to introduce the principles and practices of mindfulness and mind-fitness training, interpersonal neurobiology, collective wisdom, deep systems thinking, and contemplative science into mainstream business, medicine, high-education, sports, and government arenas – having begun this work in the 70s.

As advisors to business leaders and teams in over 200 leading organizations around the globe, their clients include: NASA, Google, Intel, Boeing, Microsoft, Intuit, NOAA, Stanford Research Institute International, The Clinton Global Initiative, World Bank’s Work-Life Balance Task Force and MIT, among others.

The Leveys also served as chairpersons for the Center for Corporate Culture & Organizational Health at the Institute for Health & Productivity Management. They serve on the Board of Advisors for the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities, The Art Monastery Project, The International Working Group on Compassionate Organizations,All Parliamentary Roundtable on Mindfulness and the Mindful Nation Report for British Parliament.

The Leveys’ published works have been translated into 14 languages and include, among others: Living in Balance: A Mindful Guide for Thriving in a Complex World (Winner of the Nautilus Book Award); Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mind Fitness; Wisdom at Work: A Treasury of Tools for Cultivating Clarity, Kindness, & Resilience; Corporate Culture & Organizational Health: A Critical Analysis of How Workplace Culture Influences Business Success; The VUCA Savvy Leader: Developing Personal and Organizational Capacity to Thrive in Complex Times;…

Levey’s and Catalonia:Joel and Michelle Levey visited Catalonia for the first time in June 2014. They arrived at Reus during “Festa Major de Sant Pere” and since then, they have visited us many times. Their teachings and inspirations have touched more than 100 people in our region. The Leveys love our culture and our vitality. There are our ambassadors around the globe..

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